Since 1890 we are in this Business With Trustworthy & Respective Personality. For the last five generations, we are Manufacturing & Exporting Gemstones & Jewellery


In 1890, Monsieur Mohrilal Ji started this business for the first time in Jaipur, when the kingdom was on the shoulders of Sawai Raja Jai Singh 2nd in the Jaipur royal family and at the same time, Mohrilal Ji was also a member of the king’s court. And he handled this business from 1890 to 1920 and then he retired and all the work was Pass on to his son Khajulal Ji Jain.


Taking charge after Mohri Lal Ji, Khajulal Ji increased his business following the footsteps of his father. and he did this business from 1920 to 1947 and then he also Pass on his business to his son Moti Chand Ji Jain and retired. Khajulal Ji also got the best title in the business of gems and was awarded the title of Munshi. and during his business tenure people from Persia use to bring basara pearls for sale. And were very mush satisfied with him.


Moti Chand Ji also handled his work well and took his company to great heights in the business of Gemstones He is the pineor of gemstone export business . From 1948 to 2000, he took over his work and increased with many jewelry manufacturers. As Like M/s Ruppenthal AG in Germany, Gianni Bulgari, Rome, Julius Petsch. He trained his son arun and pass on this business to him in 1974.


Arun Kumar Jain, who, following the words of his father Moti Chand Ji Jain, has maintained the foundation of his ancestral business since 1974 while working with the world’s biggest jewelry importers and gemstone buyers. And continued work under his father guidance till 2000.


Ashish Jain who completed Gemologist from GIA in Diamond and has joined his family business since 2009 and he is fully engaged in Export-Import with other countries like Germany USA China Europe and now the business has been promoted online in the form of e-commerce which is a B2B and B2C portal and we are trying to sell our product to consumers at wholesale price and we have more than 250 varieties of Gemstone with us now. Inside which there are both precious and semi-precious gemstones. He has taught his team to cut, polish, do special cutting and calibration With precesion.